What Others Are Saying

The conference was a value added to the IT industry.

– V.B., San Marcos, TX

Excellent subject matter; very fresh perspective. Thanks.

– S.B., San Antonio, TX

Valuable information and insight that helps me think outside of the typical IT security box.

– D.B., San Antonio, TX

Well Done!

– P.G., San Antonio, TX

Brandon’s presentation was great!

– T. A., Rochester, MN

Consider presenting more often! Fantastic speaker. I really learned a lot!

– D.S., Fargo, ND

Brandon was very entertaining and provided tons of insight and experience that can be used in every organization.

– Name Withheld

Brandon was an engaging speaker with good practical experience.

– T.A., Madison, WI

Please bring Brandon back!

– Name Withheld, Minneapolis, MN

Outstanding! This is a great idea – having a single speaker develop a single theme across the day. Both novel and interesting., helped by an excellent speaker.

– N.A., Minneapolis, MN

Very exciting speaker with interesting stories.

– B.J., Hopkins, MN

Brandon is like Dan Savage on 3 shots of espresso. Great!

– G.B., Minneapolis, MN

Brandon Dunlap was very lively & made the topics interesting.

– Name Withheld, Kansas City, MO

Brandon Dunlap is an excellent presenter.

– W.B., Kansas City, MO

Great speaker! Keeps it loose and (ironically) fun/fun. Dynamic to listen to/solid info and insights.

– Name Withheld, Woburn, MA

Brandon is always engaging. I appreciate the “no baloney” approach.

– L. D., Kansas City, MO

Brandon is great! Full of great info.

– M. M., Overland Park, KS

Very well done. I’m impressed, as this was my first event. The topics today furthered my experience with Security and Business operations.

– E. H., Kansas City, MO

The event was very useful, thank you!

– L. B., Boston, MA

Brandon Dunlap rocks!

– Name Withheld, Kansas City, MO